Thursday, September 15, 2011

Expressive Drawing using bleeding tissue paper

A long time ago I bought a book titled "Expressive Drawing" by Steven Aimone. Every now and then when I feel creatively bound up, I go through some of the exercises which are very liberating. A friend told me about bleeding tissue paper (the colour bleeds when water is added), so I ordered some and it arrived last week. Today was the day. So here they are. Two automatic drawings with charcoal, white acrylic paint and bleeding tissue paper colour. They are on cheap MG Litho paper. Lots of fun.


  1. glad to hear you are having fun with the tissue paper Gaye.

  2. I'm familiar with Stephen Aimone but not with this bleeding tissue paper. I especially like these two pieces...plenty of shapes and color.

  3. Stephen Aimone does not mention this bleeding tissue paper, I decided to use it to add some colour to the drawings. As I am painting at the moment, these drawings were acting as a doorway into altering my paintings. Thanks for your comments.